RCHA Our Mission


The Royal Humane Society, our parent organization, was instituted and incorporated by Royal Charter in London, England in 1774. With the growth of the British Commonwealth, the Society spread to member nations of sufficient size, who in turn, formed their own national associations.

Canada was no exception, as on August 20, 1894 the Governor General of Canada – the Earl of Aberdeen – was granted permission by Queen Victoria to use the prefix “Royal” in the name of the Royal Canadian Humane Association. The aim of the R.C.H.A. was, and continues to be:

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“To recognize such deeds of heroism, by Canadians in civilian life, who, through their alertness, skill and concern, save or attempt to save a life, especially where those actions lie outside the ordinary duties of the person involved”.

The Association operated with the Governor General as the Honourary President. The Lieutenants Governor were Patrons of the  Association which was headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario until February 2001 and on the verge of ceasing operation. Through the efforts of a number of previously appointed Provincial Representatives and with the help of the Royal Humane Society in London, England the R.C.H.A. was relocated to Edmonton, Alberta in 2002. On April 23, 2003  Her Majesty the Queen granted permission to continue the use of the title ‘Royal” in the name. As well, the Governor General was re-appointed and became the Honourary President. By extension, the Lieutenants Governor were requested to re-assume their roles as Provincial Patrons. The Association is now incorporated and enjoys the status of a Charitable Organization.

In its role as a national award board, the R.C.H.A. maintains a close affiliation with other, similar award granting Commonwealth and International organizations. In this capacity the R.C.H.A. can ensure that Canadians may be duly recognized, not only at a national, but also at a worldwide level for their bravery or heroic actions.

R.C.H.A. Who's Who

Patron:   Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 

Honourary  President:   Governor General

Provincial Patrons:   Lieutenant Governors

Honourary Life Governor:   Jack Boddington             

President:   Rudolf Berghuys

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