Recognizing the Brave Acts of Everyday Canadians

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All About the Royal Canadian Humane Association

The purpose of R.C.H.A is to recognize deserving Canadians for their acts of bravery.

Do you know someone who has acted bravely, risking their own life to save someone else? If so, please use the nomination form and tell us what happened.

If you have other interests in our association, please use the navigation buttons above to guide you throughout the website. If you need to talk to someone in person, please call us at (780) 498-2835.

Nominate Someone for a Bravery Award

Nomination Information

If you know of anyone who has performed an act of bravery while risking their life during the past 18 months, please provide us with as much information as possible. You can include newspaper articles, links to online stories, etc. Please complete the form below and send us the information.

In the box below, please submit as much information as you have about the rescue.

Who did the rescue (name of the person(s) you are nominating)? – What happened (describe the incident)
Where did this occur (city, town, province)? – When did it happen? Was it reported in the media? If so, which media?
Were the police, fire, or other emergency services involved?